Are We Right For You?

Before we begin working together, let’s make sure we’re a good fit for each other and our team is right for you.

Let us tell you a little about how we work and what we need from you, and then please let us know how we can help you.


Longevity – It seems like anyone with a keyboard can hang out a writer, freelancer, or consultant shingle these days. We’re definitely not inexperienced amateurs. Jeff has been published in newspapers and magazines across Canada since 1986. Renée has been an entrepreneur since 1986 and in the writing and web publishing field since 1997.

Invested – When taking on a writing project, Jeff is like a guy who takes apart the toaster to see how it works. He is all in, interested and curious where the story leads. His award-winning combination of traditional, researched journalism and unique writing style captivates his audience and keeps them reading.

Web and Print – Renée has a unique combination of experience: there are big differences between website and printed technologies, and knowledge of one doesn’t necessarily translate well to the other. Unlike many designers whose expertise is only in one or the other, she is proficient in both worlds.

Philosophy and Ethics

A Genuine Approach – Business, like life, is all about relationships. We’ve always found that projects thrive when we can meaningfully connect, whether on a professionally casual or more formal level.

Personal Wellness – We are strong believers that personal wellness is the strongest influence on professional wellness. We are known for giving you our all during working hours. We also believe it is important to talk the talk and walk the walk of self-care. In this spirit, our working hours don’t include evenings, weekends or holidays.

An Ethical Vision – Being professional, long-time business and website owners, we maintain an ethical vision for our company and your needs through conscious, sustainable business practices and relationships.

Collaboration – We make an important distinction: We work with you, not for you. By this, we mean we’re a team, collaborators working together, each of our parts equal in importance to the success of whatever we’re working toward. It’s about mutually respectful collaboration and worth, not hierarchy.


Confidentiality – This is one of the most important rules in our business. While we generally have an easy-going attitude toward most things, confidentiality is not up for compromise. Everything we do together is strictly between us, until you’re ready to tell the world. Everything.

Common Sense – We don’t just mindlessly perform routine tasks of a job. We bring common sense to all our work. We think and talk things through, ensuring that every step makes sense in the big picture of whatever we’re working on.

A Thicker Skin – Writers, designers and creative types of all kinds can sometimes be touchy about criticism of their work. You’ll never have to worry about hurting our feelings or offending us – that’s not how we work. We don’t take offence to respectful criticism. In fact, we embrace it as a tool to help us improve. Feedback is the best part about co-creation. Interaction and honesty between us makes for a more vibrant, amazing project, and we welcome yours.


ComprehensionOur offices are five steps apart; we know the importance of being in sync. No two of our clients have had the same needs, even when we’ve been hired to provide exactly the same services. So, for our work together, we ask questions, get curious, learn about your project and make sure we really understand it so we can collaborate on a customized plan just for you.

Flexibility – More often than not, we are hired to do one thing and it develops into more, or something else entirely. We’re happy to go with the flow of wherever our work together takes us.

Transparency – You don’t have to worry, there will be no financial surprises with us. Rest assured, all our work is confirmed through written proposals and invoices. We don’t proceed with anything until we have your written or emailed consent on the cost.

Our Needs From You

Value – In the spirit of honouring the worth of all involved, exchanging value for like value means that we’ll provide the best possible service to you, and in return we are reimbursed accordingly for our experience and expertise. Our rates are competitive and appropriate. If money is an issue, please talk with us. We’re always open to finding creative ways of payment that won’t create unnecessary hardship or stress to either of us.

Are We Right For You?

If this feels like a good fit for you, please get in touch and let’s explore how we can help you.