Your Impact: Creative Consulting

All our client relationships begin with creative, personalized consulting.

For our first complimentary consultation, we spend half an hour with you. We can connect with you via phone, video chat, or in person where possible. It’s a chance to get familiar with one another and make sure we’re a good fit, and we’ll get a sense of the general direction in which we’ll be heading together.

You’re in control

You always have final say as to the direction in which we head. You choose the project format, word length, and other publication details and we’ll work to your budget.

Above all, you’re in control. When you give the go-ahead, we’ll take the reins and get started on the plan we created together. We send nothing to final print or post on the web without your sign-off.

Creative consulting for business: The whole marketing picture

You only get one shot at first impressions.

If our writing doesn’t go hand in hand with the rest of your business’ marketing strategy, or if you don’t even have a cohesive strategy at all, at best it won’t be effective. At worst, it could crash your reputation and turn away revenue.

That’s not how we work. We don’t just throw words onto a paper and call it a day. Our writing needs to reach out to your customers in the most profitable way. Therefore, we’ll need intimate understanding of what you’re about before we even write the first word.

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