Legacy Writing: In Memory

When someone passes on, their death is a time of grieving and heartbreak. We know firsthand what it is like when the grief becomes too much. How difficult it can be to go about everyday living, let alone figure out how to write an obituary.

We’re here to take some of the pressure off during this solemn time. We’ll take on the task of writing a memorial or obituary so you don’t have to worry about it.

With sensitivity, and at your direction, we’ll contact those who can best give us an idea of the person about whom we’re writing. With a sense of the person who has passed, we’ll write the words that will allow the bereaved to share and celebrate their life and memory.

Let us take care of writing so you can focus on more important things.


Memorial Writing

Funerals, memorial services and celebrations of life are places in which to grieve together as a community. An important part of grieving is sharing the stories and memories of those who have passed.

Maybe you wish to write your own memorial for your funeral service or celebration of life when you eventually pass away. Perhaps you have been tasked with writing a memorial for someone who has already passed.

Funeral homes often provide paper programs for services, but they may not have the space to include much more than a general paragraph about your loved one, if at all. We can change that.

Our short writing pieces for memorial services and funerals are perfect for:

  • Full memorial programs designed and printed in custom sizes and options
  • Folded program inserts that can be added inside your funeral home’s existing program
  • Framed display with a photo and accompanying written story for the memorial reception



In times of grieving, it can be overwhelming to have to think about writing an obituary or memorial. If you’re tasked with writing an obituary for someone else, it may feel like just too much.

Or perhaps you’re thinking ahead to your own obituary and legacy, and you’d like to create one that truly represents who you are and how you’d like people to remember you so your loved ones don’t have to when the time comes.

To write a truly heartfelt and accurate obituary, we’ll speak with 2-3 people in the person’s circle. Family, friends, bosses or co-workers, or community members.

With hospice training and careers in helping professions, we honour the importance of sensitivity and compassion during your time of grieving. We’ll meet on your terms at times most comfortable for those with whom we’ll be speaking.

We’ll take care of all the technical details. We’ll contact the publications in which you’ll be placing the obituary if needed to establish the size and spec requirements so our writing will be sure to fit their space.

You’ll have the relief of knowing we’re here to ensure the final obituary expresses your loved one’s memory in a warm, unique way.

Please be in touch and let us know how we can help you.