Living Legacy: Telling Your Story

Have you ever lamented that you haven’t yet written your book or autobiography? How often have you said, “I really should write my memoir.”

Of course you don’t want you or your legacy to be forgotten. The closer you get to the end of your time on this planet, you may worry how your legacy and story will be passed down to your children, grandchildren and the generations to come. Or will it be passed on at all?

When it comes down to actually writing your story, maybe you don’t know where to begin. Perhaps you don’t have the time nor writing skills to pull it off. So, it sits there as a “someday” idea, never written.

Sound familiar?

Let us help you tell your story

It doesn’t need to take an obituary for your legacy to be told. Don’t wait and let someone else speak the words you want to say. You have stories to tell now, while you’re still here. You know them better than anyone.

We’ve got great news. A full memoir isn’t necessary to ensure your legacy is memorialized!

Sure, we could ghostwrite your full autobiography if that’s what you’re after. But we know that option is often too overwhelming and too big a project to be practical.

Instead, you can hire us as writers of your Living Legacy, and we’ll tailor the length and format to whatever makes you feel comfortable.

You just relax, have coffee or tea with us and tell us your stories and we’ll do all the hard work from there.


Living Legacy: Preserving Your Story

The fact is you have seen things, done things, experienced things that made you laugh, cry, stomp or curse, propose marriage or accept it (or not). Children born. Loved ones passed. Careers and achievements. Hobbies and passions. Joys. Heartbreaks. All that is interesting stuff.

Asking the right questions and knowing how to provoke insightful answers, we make sure your legacy and story is written in the way you experienced your life, first hand and up close. We’ll help safeguard your past in your own words with a unique, historical written record for future generations.

You don’t even have be a writer or know where to start. Explaining who you are and how you got there is a time-honoured tradition, the realm of scribes and wordsmiths, centuries old.  We’re carrying on that tradition.

Some writers and journalists merely repeat what is given to them. A fairly dry, fact-based account of the events of your life. The good ones capture essence and pass that energy on.

The very best ones know the right questions to ask that awaken, refresh and help you relive the passionate peaks, the heartbreak hills, the trudging, the skipping heartbeat that made that your life so worth remembering.

Our experienced team has a unique ability to combine trained journalism with impactful, poignant storytelling and creative design sense into a powerful Living Legacy.

“I need help to write my memoir.”

In the process of writing your story, we’ll walk with you through as much or as little as you want to remember and share. In whatever format and length the final writing, we’ll distill your most memorable experiences into a story that will live on. A memoir feel at any length.

Whether unveiled through a 500 word story, a catchy pamphlet, glossy coffee table book, bound journal, or something else, your memoir will be powerful. We’re experienced in knowing how to distill your anecdotes into a compelling chronicle of your life.

Everybody has a story. Everybody. Yours deserves to be told.

What does telling your story look like?

We begin with consultation to make sure we will write your memoir story in a way that fits perfectly for you and is within your budget.

You’ll get to decide on the finished format: a booklet, framed display, bound book, even just a few simple anecdotes for your website, or something else altogether different.

At your convenience, we’ll work out a time and place that is most comfortable for you. You’ll be interviewed by Jeff, who has done this hundreds of times as a seasoned journalist.

The process itself is not like in the movies. There are no spotlights or sound crews fixing microphones to you like you’re some movie star or government witness.

Instead, it’s more like two old friends catching up. Having coffee. Taking a walk through each other’s life. You go first, is all.

You may be on your own for the interview(s) or choose to have someone with you. In our experience, most people find they are able to speak more freely and explore their stories in more depth on their own. However, we’ll work in whatever way makes you most comfortable.

We use a small, inconspicuous recorder so we can capture and recall not just your words but your tone and mood as you speak them. In short order, most people forget it is even there.

Compassion and sensitivity

We know it can be intimidating and sometimes emotional as you walk through the memories.

We do everything we can to be fully present with you during your interview. No distractions. Eye to eye with compassion and respect.

As you reminisce for your mini memoir, you’ll probably experience some of the feelings you had felt at the time. You’ll likely remember some of the people, places and things you hadn’t thought of for a while. Maybe a long while. We hold the space for you to walk through it all in any way it unfolds.

Jeff’s always brought a sense of integrity, fairness and thoughtfulness to his writing. And while some might think his stint in the military would have hard-boiled him, there’s compassion to what he does.
Bill Kaufmann
Calgary, Alberta

Final product:

When we are done, whether it is after one interview or several, we will put the essence of your story into a format that you and others will treasure forever.

By default, we provide all final legacy writing projects as a fully edited and proofed password-protected PDF with no formatting, single spaced and in serif font.

We will transfer the copyright of your story to you upon payment at completion. You’ll be able to use it in any way you wish.

Other options:

You may like the idea of these, or prefer something different:

  • Framed wall feature.
  • Booklet (4, 8, 12 pages)
  • Bound journal

The possibilities are unlimited! During our initial consultation, we’ll help you toss around ideas for what will be best for your legacy writing.

Most importantly, we’ll preserve your story in your own voice with grace, honour and dignity.



Everybody knows someone inspirational. They’re usually too humble to toot their own horns. But this world needs more positive, encouraging stories.

Is there someone you’d like to honour or celebrate? A friend, colleague or family member who deserves to be held up in a written tribute?

We’ll help you honour them with the gift of a professionally written story, customized to the format you envision.

With the right research, through interviews of surrounding friends, family and colleagues, we’ll create a powerful tribute to honour just how impressive this person is.

Tributes are perfect for any use. Company websites. Newspapers. Newsletters. Maybe on a plaque. A brochure. As a ready-to-go advertisement. On websites. Wherever you imagine.

You may have us create the tribute as a surprise gift for the deserving person. Or, if you think they would prefer be more involved in the creative process of their own legacy, we’ll create a gift certificate which you can simply present to them.

Either way, their story is worthy of being captured and shared. And that is what we do.

If your tribute is for a memorial, service or celebration of life, we offer memorial and obituary writing services as well.

Please get in touch and let us know how we can help.