Niche/Targeted Writing: Genres & Themes

There are countless flavours and varieties of writing. Not everyone can pull off the niche writing you need.

You may need a writer, but have found that most have a limited understanding of your genre. They may have fantastic writing abilities, but their lack of understanding means the writing somehow misses the mark.

To their credit, they may attempt to research your field. However, they’re starting from scratch, only gaining a remedial knowledge of the subject. For your niche market, that may not be enough.

Do you require writers and members of your team with specialized knowledge? We take pride in our abilities to write in almost any genre. However, we are up close and personal in a few niches and genres of targeted writing.

Addiction Recovery

Jeff specializes in thoroughly researched and professional addiction medicine and addiction recovery writing:

  • modern and traditional approaches to addiction medicine
  • in-depth knowledge of treatment programs and modalities
  • addiction recovery in historical and contemporary contexts
  • staff and patient/client profiles
  • treatment centre features and events
  • controversial addiction stories
  • highlights and insights
  • online and printed publications

He worked at Edgewood, a premiere treatment centre for 12 years, first as a counsellor, then in communications as Editor of EHN News and Phoenix magazines, and Perspectives, an e-newsletter for alumni.

Jeff Vircoe, Editor
Phoenix Magazine 2013-2018

After years of extensive research on addictions, addiction medicine and addiction recovery, Jeff has become known for his deep knowledge as an addictions and recovery historian. Combined with his notable journalism and ability to write compelling stories, Jeff presents viewpoints of all sides of addiction-related issues with balance and appeal.

As well as professional experience, he has over 30 years of long-term recovery. He has a personal passion for helping people rise above the mire of addiction. This translates to a deep investment in your addiction writing projects.

Jeff helps you help your clientele and readers with empathy, compassion and practical wisdom.


Jeff served nearly nine years in uniform as a full time, regular member of the Canadian Armed Forces from 1976 to 1985.

Trained in Cornwallis and Halifax, Nova Scotia, and in Borden, Ontario he was deployed dozens of times across the Pacific and beyond.

He was a member of the ship’s company of a pair of warships: HMCS Qu’appelle and HMCS Provider during the height of the tensions of the Cold War. He was posted for three years at CFB Borden, Ont., at the Connaught Ranges near Ottawa, Ont., and at the French Language School at CFB St. Jean in Quebec.

Jeff has written many stories and editorials with a military theme. His experiences in uniform, his years in journalism school, and his keen awareness of historical and political context offer readers a unique and valuable perspective.

From interesting and compelling profiles of serving members to riveting descriptive narratives, Jeff’s firsthand knowledge and love of history bring a much-needed realistic and educational edge to his stories.

When it comes to writing about the military, Jeff believes deeply in the importance of respect, valour and honour when it comes to presenting the lives and times of our service men and women.

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