Personalized Business Approach: Our Working Relationship

Our personalized business approach to writing and all creative projects means we’re a team. Not just a team within our company. We’re on your team.

To establish and send the write message, we have your back. We invest in your success. We bring our best attitude to every communication with you, every step of the way. Collaboratively and with the big picture in mind.

Whether it be via email, phone calls, FaceTime, or over a coffee in person, we will find each other on the same page.

And on that page is where the magic happens.

Real connection

You know those awkward moments when you don’t quite know what to say to someone? Nah, we don’t either. Connection matters.

Personally and professionally, we’re known for being straightforward, genuine and approachable. We look you in the eyes, listening deeply to your words while respecting the silences between them, especially with more intimate and sensitive subjects.

Sure, our tool box includes notepads and audio recorders, good software, computers, cameras. Yes, we are experienced interviewers, prepared and time-conscious. And, of course, we are seasoned researchers. We know where to find the information your project needs.

But we know that a team effort is more than just the mechanics of the work. It’s about connecting. Understanding. Comprehending.

We know the importance of creating a comfortable, personalized business relationship with our clients.

Through active listening and exchange of ideas, we capture your vision, essence and passion so we can assemble those concepts in the style you need them. Compellingly. Smartly. Nuanced. As deep and provocative or as light and inviting as you need them to be.


The biggest impact you can make is when everyone on your team is rowing in the same direction. To do that, they have to know where they’re headed and how to coordinate their strokes with everyone else. Communication and collaboration is at the heart of your success.

In the end, you get the greatest benefit – a professional, effective project that works for you. We all can be proud of what we’ve created together.

Get in touch with us now to begin our professional, personalized business relationship with a free consultation. Let us to get to know you and your passions, discover your project goals, and customize the writing we’re doing specifically for where it needs to go.

Please be in touch with us and let’s start working together.