Profiles: When Image Matters

Everyone has fascinating stories in them that, for different reasons, never seem to see the light of day. With a talent for researching and writing different kinds of profiles, we’ll bring your favourite stories to the surface and tell them the way they need to be told.

The write way.


Personal profiles

Personal profiles are a touching way to honour and pay tribute to someone close to you.

  • As a unique gift, a professionally written, designed and framed profile makes a unique birthday, anniversary, retirement or other gift for family, friends and coworkers.
  • In your community, newsletters, volunteer organizations, newspapers and magazines often feature profiles of prominent community members in their publications.
  • For children and other relatives, important family tales are preserved to hand down to kids and grandkids of future generations.

Different from our tributes and legacy stories, our profiles focus more on current achievements and notable activities of the person being featured.

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Solid, insightful, truthful. This is JV.

He peels back layers to reveal the reluctant talents and forgotten qualities of his chosen subject, creating confidence and inspiring creativity.

Honesty and integrity are at the heart of both his journalistic writing and his attitude toward life.

Douglas Kew
Ladysmith, B.C.
Author, songwriter, musician


Business profiles

Readers connect with people. To find personal connection, they want to know all about you as well as your business. They are more likely to trust and hire your company when they can read all about it.

Perhaps you have an outstanding employee who has come to be known for their amazing customer service in the community. Or you want to feature a different staff member monthly. Their profiles can help build a following, both online and offline.

Maybe you have a Facebook business page or website filled with photos and short posts of your work. However, you don’t quite know how to put into the right words who you are and what you do.

Let’s face it, you didn’t spend this amount of time building your business to have it seem bland to others. Vanilla is fine and all, but why would anyone want to invest in your dream if you can’t explain the fire in your belly?

Sending the right message about your business starts with being interviewed by a competent, curious interviewer.

An accomplished journalist, Jeff thoroughly knows how to research what you do and has the confidence to ask the right questions, even the tough ones. He listens well, picking up on the nuances of your operation and identifies the love you have for it.

Your finished business profile gives your readers a well-rounded, balanced view of your organization.

Benefit your bottom line.

Writing business profiles of any length is all about capturing passion and passing it on.

  • Profiles of people in business – Keep morale high by featuring profiles of your employees, bosses, owners, customers,  and others in your business in your internal publications – newsletters, websites – and externally in newspapers and business magazines. Professionally designed, printed and framed profiles make perfect, unique retirement gifts.
  • Company profiles – Your business isn’t just about the people who work there. A business profile can tell the world exactly what it is you do, what you’re known for, what you do best. Ideal for submitting to publications and websites for publicity and promotion of your business.
  • Business reports – Your business’ annual report or banking business plan doesn’t have to be boring and dry. Profiles of your key associates – owner, CEO, boss, management, employees – can add an important personal yet still professional touch.
  • Online profiles – To draw more website visitors, profiles of people, places, events or businesses make excellent website content and blog posts. With search engine optimization, they are a huge draw for more website visitors.

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Location profiles

Maybe it’s a quaint little town in the mountains. Maybe it’s golf resort in the high desert. Perhaps it’s the original dwelling on your grandparents’ homestead. Or you want the spotlight to focus on your animal rescue ranch on the prairies.

No matter where or what it is, location profiles shine the spotlight on fabulous towns, buildings and areas of interest.

Our specialty is highlighting a location’s best features while offering a skilled, researched profile. We find the stories behind what you see when you visit, and create a captivating, interesting story that will draw people in.

We’ll interview and talk with you to gather information, just like anything else we write. But our research for the location profiles we write goes above and beyond.

Whenever appropriate, we’ll visit your location to get a real sense of the experience of being there. It’s the experience that gives your profile that extra personalized charm. We’ll write firsthand with a more intimate knowledge, which speaks directly to the reader and draws them in.

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